The Repack-it Range

The Repack-it 2 is a small, counter-top device that uses heat to seal high quality polythene sheets around disc cases. We sell the sheets cut to size for all major disc case formats including CD, DVD and games discs.

The Repack-it XL has a flat heat plate, rather than a recessed one, meaning you can use it to seal any small to medium sized box. We sell XL sheets which we can cut to a specific size for you.

Repack-it 2

For sealing any pre-owned CD, DVD or game case


Repack-it XL

For any small to medium sized box such as phones, perfume and gadgets


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Reconditioned Machines

Save money without losing quality...

From time to time we get machines back in from part-exchanges or buy backs. These machines are fully reconditioned to an as-new condition and typically backed with a 6 month warranty.

These reconditioned units will display signs of use - such as scratches to the casing - but will operate in a similar way to a new machine. They represent a good way of saving money without compromising on repair quality!

Check the shop to see what we have available!

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The Consumables

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Sheets for all the popular cases

Repack-it sheets are precision cut to size to fit different cases, leaving enough for the overlap on the edges.

There are two pack sizes; 500 and 1,000 and the quality of the material is comparable, if not better than the manufacturers wrapping.

Sheets can be folded and sealed in seconds with minimal training and the bond is permanent.

We also sell 60cm x 60cm XL sheets which can be cut to a specific size.

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For Extra Peace of Mind

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12 month

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You have a month to make sure you're happy that the machine is going to do what you want it to.

12 Month Warranty

Every new machine we sell is backed with a 12 month warranty for extra peace of mind.

Upgrade if Your Needs Change

If you need to fix more discs in the future - or fancy something different - why not part-exchange?

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