Our Disc Repair Machine Range

We sell machines made by different manufacturers based around the world. Whether you need to fix 1 disc a day or 1,000, we're sure to have a suitable solution.

Our Core Range

Eco Pro 2


Idea for light to medium damage.
Compact, very quick and cheap to run

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VMI Hybrid 2


All-rounder for light - medium damage.
The best for Blu-ray repairs

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Eco Clever


The highest repair quality.
Extremely effective on deep scratches

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Eco Master


Stack up to 50 discs and let the machine do the work. Excellent on all levels of damage

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Eco Super


Our industrial disc repair solution for 400 repairs per hour. Usually provided on a Pay Per Disc basis

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Add-on Machines

Repack-it 2


Original re-sealing machine for CDs, DVDs and games discs.

Sheets are pre-cut to size for all major disc case formats and are sold in packs of 500 and 1000.

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Repack-it XL


No recessed heat-plate means you can reseal any small to medium box

Our XL sheets can be cut to a specific size, enabling you to professionally reseal phones, perfume or chocolate

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Eco Clean


Automated disc cleaning device that applies cleaning solution to a soft pad.

Perfect for removing fingerprints and smudges as part of a final QC stage before returning discs to their cases.

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