Eco Master Servicing Plan (Bronze)

TDR Artikelnummer: TDR-SER-MasterPlanBronze Barcode: 5055378123078

£455.00 GBP

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Please note:

This price is for the service only. Please send your machine in to us and once the service has been completed we will be in touch so you can arrange collection.

Alternatively we can ship it back to you (fees apply based on location - see further down the page).


Choose Your Service

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Basic Refresh


3 x Eco Tubing
1 x Water Pump Inner Tube Kit
1 x Compound Pump Fitting
2 x Tube Joint
6 x Coloured Pad Holders
1 x Platen Table Module
1 x Center Seal
1 x Center Pin
1 x Center Pin Screw
3 Hours Labour

1 Month Serviced Parts Warranty



Full Service


All the Bronze Benefits

1 x Splash Cover (Upper)
1 x Splash Cover (Under)
6 x Pad Bearing (Upper)
6 x Pad Bearing (Under)
6 x Pad Gear
6 x Pad Gear Pin
6 x Pad Holder Splash Cover
1 x Nozzle Bracket
1 x Water Pipe
1 x Reactor Pipe (Inner)
1 x Reactor Pipe (Outer)
1 x Pickup Vacuum Pads (Pair)
1 Extra Hours Labour

20% Discount on Consumables

3 Months Serviced Parts Warranty
(instead of 1 months)



Add 12 Month Warranty


All the Bronze benefits

All the Silver benefits

25% Discount on Consumables
(instead of 20% discount)

12 Month Full Warranty
(instead of 3 months limited warranty)


Please ship your machine to us using an insured courier service.

To get your serviced machine back you can either arrange collection from us or we can ship back to you for a charge.

Our preferred way to ship the Eco Master is by pallet as this method typically provides greater protection than by courier.



To find out how much it would cost to ship your Eco Master back via pallet, please contact us for a quote.

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