Eco Super

Eco super cut out

The Ultimate in Full-Automation

£105,000 / €118,000

The Eco Super is an extremely fast fully-automated disc repair machine, capable of 250 light, medium or heavy repairs per hour.

You can load up to 500 discs at a time and the machine will work through them by itself, one by one. The quality of repair is the best you can get and each disc comes out clean and dry.

This machine is particularly suitable for medium - heavy damage. Its gradual sanding process tackles even really deep scratches.

Choose the Eco Super for the ultimate in disc repair.

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The Consumables

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Pads and Polish

The Eco Super uses a multi-stage pad and polish process. Similar to the Eco Clever and Eco Master, the Super uses a series of sanding pads with gradually less abrasive surfaces, which enables you to repair even the deepest of scratches.

All inclusive service plans from 10 pence per repair (depending on volume).