Eco Master

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Fully-Automated Disc Repair!

£ 12,500 ex VAT

The Eco Master is an automated version of our popular Eco Clever disc repair machine.

Place a stack of up to 50 discs on the spindle. The machine works independently, one disc after the next. It will pick up each disc, repair it and then place it on a completed spindle.

It is extremely effective at deep scratches and offers one of the highest repair standards on the market. It can perform 300 repairs a day at the highest level with minimal labour.

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Reconditioned Machines

Save money without losing quality...

from £7,500 ex VAT

From time to time we get machines back in from part-exchanges or buy backs. These machines are fully reconditioned to an as-new condition and typically backed with a 6 month warranty.

These reconditioned units will display signs of use - such as scratches to the casing or signs of dried polish - but will operate in a similar way to a new machine. They represent a good way of saving money without compromising on repair quality!

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The Consumables

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Multi-stage pads and polish

The Eco Master uses revolutionary multi-stage pads and polish. Unlike historical multi-stage machines, the stage changes in the machine are done by itself - so you just have to press a button to do a full repair.

Consumables consist of repair polish, a water additive and a range of repair pads.

There are four repair stages (Yellow - light, Green - medium, Red - heavy, Blue - very heavy) plus a final polishing stage (Black). Plus there is a Violet pad for Blu-ray disc repairs.

All pads can be purchased individually, usually in packs of 10 - but we also have Mega Pack refills that consist of a selection of items.

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For Extra Peace of Mind

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12 month

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You have a month to make sure you're happy that the machine is going to do what you want it to.

12 Month Warranty

Every new machine we sell is backed with a 12 month warranty for extra peace of mind.

Upgrade if Your Needs Change

If you need to fix more discs in the future - or fancy something different - why not part-exchange?

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