The History of Disc Repair Machines

TDR has been trading for 20 years and unfortunately some machines have been discontinued over the years. We are still able to support some with parts and consumables so please feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to help.


The Fix-a-Disc 1500 was the first machine that TDR distributed in the UK. It was imported from CD Repairman in the US and gave excellent results, albeit with a very hands-on process!

TDR Discus

The Discus was developed in-house at TDR and incorporated a heavy weight to apply pressure during repair, which resulted in quicker repairs of deep scratches.


The SY4 was imported from Suoya Industries in China and was a successful entry-level machine for customers needing low volumes of repairs.

VMI 3550

The "Buffer" was another cult classic in the UK. Modelled on a PC tower this machine was super fast and super cheap to run and the best around for light scratches. At one point you could find one in every Gamestation store in the country


The Roboto was the first fully-automated machine in our range. Stack up to 100 discs and it would repair one at a time. Magic!


The original Disc-Go-Devil is the best-selling professional disc repair machine of all time, with thousands sold across Europe. This small, bright red unit brought disc repair to the masses and was favoured by companies including HMV, Game and Asda. Today it continues to have a cult following despite having been discontinued for a decade!

TDR OneStep

The OneStep was CD Repairman's follow-up model and revolutionised the disc repair market by only requiring one pad and one type of polish, so repairs were much simpler!

TDR Compact

The Compact was the successor to the SY4 and required no adjustment to the pads, resulting in easier and more consistent repairs

Disc-Go-Mech 6

The beast, the wardrobe, the Mech. This machine has many nicknames but few could compete in terms of throughput. Capable of repairing a disc every 30 seconds, this was the real deal in automation.

Redisc Easy

The Redisc Easy (also named the Buddy in other parts of the world) was another entry level machine aimed at customers with lower volumes of discs

Devil 2

Sometimes it's hard to match the notoriety of the debut and this was true of the Devil 2. Sadly, it never really got a foothold in the market before the manufacturer went into administration

Azuradisc Uno

Originally imported and sold by Perfect Play (who TDR acquired in 2010), this heavy metal machine was great for deep scratches but was quite industrial and so was a little noisy and messy to run


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VMI Quicksand

The Quicksand was a fantastic add-on unit from Venmill Industries. This device pre-sanded deep scratches in seconds and for pence before needing finishing in a standalone machine such as the best-selling VMI Hybrid 2

VMI 2550

The smaller brother of the VMI 3550, this unit was able to fix medium damage and Blu-ray discs too. Sitting towards the cheaper end of the range it soon picked up popularity but was sadly discontinued in 2022.

Azuradisc Dual Disc

This machine was similar to the Uno but repaired two discs at one. Twice the output, twice the fun. Increased issues with supply from the US led to it being discontinued from the TDR range

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