VMI Hybrid 2

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Quick, High Quality Repairs

£1,550 ex VAT

The VMI Hybrid combines the traditional polishing approach with patented heat technology, resulting in repairs that are very quick, very quiet, low cost, clean – and most important of all, effective.

The VMI Hybrid sits in our range as a excellent all-rounder, capable of fixing light, medium and heavy scratches and is also the best we sell for Blu-ray discs.

Discs come out virtually clean and dry - needing just a quick spray and wipe using the provided cloth and spray pack.

The machine features an electronic chip which ensures every disc is repaired to a consistently high standard and it will tell you when you need to change supplies.

The VMI Hybrid is truly next generation – combining clean, quick and low cost disc repair with the ability to remove deep scratches. And the end result is a disc that looks and plays like new!

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Reconditioned Machines

Save money without losing quality...

from £1,150 ex VAT

From time to time we get machines back in from part-exchanges or buy backs. These machines are fully reconditioned to an as-new condition and typically backed with a 6 month warranty.

These reconditioned units will display signs of use - such as scratches to the casing or signs of dried polish - but will operate in a similar way to a new machine. They represent a good way of saving money without compromising on repair quality!

Check out our Clearance page to see our live stock of reconditioned machines, including photos and serial numbers of the actual machines available for purchase.

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The Consumables

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500 Minute Consumable Pack

The pack contains everything you need for 500 minutes of repair time and is designed so that the last repair should be just as good as the first.

Each pack contains a Smart Chip to track the consumable usage and trigger alerts on the machine's display to tell you when to replenish items.

Packs cost £67.50 and there are quantity discounts available.

As a guide, each pack should do 500-1,000 light repairs, 250 medium repairs or 125 heavy repairs.

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For Extra Peace of Mind

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12 month

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You have a month to make sure you're happy that the machine is going to do what you want it to.

12 Month Warranty

Every new machine we sell is backed with a 12 month warranty for extra peace of mind.

Upgrade if Your Needs Change

If you need to fix more discs in the future - or fancy something different - why not part-exchange?

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