Key Cards and Electronic Chips

We often get asked why some of our machines have consumables that contain key cards or electronic chips. This page aims to provide some background information on why this is the case and why they are important.

Hybrid chip

Why do some machines have a chip or key card in the consumable pack?

Some machines run off an electronic chip or key card, which is supplied as part of each consumable pack. This device monitors how many repairs are being performed, and instructs the user when to change or clean certain consumable items. By doing so, you ensure that every repair is completed to a consistently high standard, and also that no additional wear is put on the machine's working parts.

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What happens if I try to ignore the prompts and continue to use the same consumables?

If you fail to change consumable items when instructed to, or manage to run the machine longer than advised, then you put extra stress on the machine's working parts.

In the earlier days of disc repair we saw many issues with models such as the Disc-Go-Devil whose consumables didn't have an electronic chip. As customers ran the pads and polish longer than advised, it led to a huge number of technical issues with bearings and springs prematurely wearing, resulting in damaged disc - and lots of expensive machine repairs!

Prod cat machinces

Which machines have a chip or keycard?

There are a few machines in our range that have a chip or keycard - the Eco Pro 2, the VMI Hybrid 2, the Eco Clean. There are also some older, discontinued machines that we still support with consumables that have a chip, such as the VMI 2550 and VMI Quicksand.

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Why is there sometimes polish left over at the end of the consumable pack?

Not every customer uses their machine in the same way. Some only use it occasionally to repair one or two discs - others use it solidly every day.

Many machines require "priming" at the start of the day where polish is drawn through the tubing to ensure that the first repair starts "wet" and not without polish. As you can imagine, repairing just one or two discs each time will use a lot more polish over the life of the consumable pack compared with repairing dozens each session.

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In Summary...

Some people think the electronic chip/key card is there purely for profit reasons - and there's probably an element of truth in that - but largely they exist to ensure that your machine delivers excellent results, disc after disc, and also keeps your machine in tip-top condition.

If you have any questions on this then please head over to our Support contact page.

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