For a limited time only, enter the following special Facebook coupon code at checkout to receive £150 off any disc repair machine in our core range of the Eco Pro 2, VMI Hybrid 2, Eco Clever and Eco Master.


Or 10% off a Reconditioned Unit?

In addition to new machines we often have reconditioned units available, which is an excellent way to save some money without compromising on the quality of repair. Reconditioned units come in at different prices and so it's more straightforward for us to offer a percentage discount rather than a set amount.
Typically each one comes with a 6 month warranty and a starter pack of consumables. If you have any questions on our reconditioned machines then please contact us.

£795 plus VAT

£715.50 plus VAT

£995 plus VAT

£895.50 plus VAT

£2,395 plus VAT

£2,155.50 plus VAT

£6,995 plus VAT

£6,295.50 plus VAT

To get this special discount on one of these reconditioned machines, use the following coupon at checkout. Please note that reconditioned units come and go. If we sell out of the model you're interested in then please contact us and we can let you know when one becomes available.