VMI Hybrid 2

Quick, High Quality Repairs

The VMI Hybrid combines the traditional polishing approach with patented heat technology, resulting in repairs that are very quick, very quiet, low cost, clean – and most important of all, effective.

Each repair on the machine is completely automated – simply close the lid and the repair starts. Discs come out virtually clean and dry - needing just a quick spray and wipe using the provided cloth and spray pack.

The machine features an electronic chip which ensures every disc is repaired to a consistently high standard. Furthermore, an indicator on the front of the machine displays how much life is left in each set of consumables, so you’ll never be caught short again.

The VMI Hybrid is truly next generation – combining clean, quick and low cost disc repair with the ability to remove deep scratches. And the end result is a disc that looks and plays like new!

£1,550 ex VAT


Reconditioned Machines


Save money without losing quality...

From time to time we get machines back in from part-exchanges or buy backs. These machines are fully reconditioned to an as-new condition and typically backed with a 6 month warranty.

These reconditioned units will display signs of use - such as scratches to the casing or signs of dried polish - but will operate in a similar way to a new machine. They represent a good way of saving money without compromising on repair quality!

from £1,150 ex VAT

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The Consumables

500 minutes of repair in each pack

Each time you replenish the consumables in the Hybrid, you will need to purchase one of the standard 500 minute repair packs. 

The pack contains everything you need for 500 minutes of repair time and is designed so that the last repair should be just as good as the first.

Each pack contains a Smart Chip to track the consumable usage and trigger alerts on the machine's display to tell you when to replenish items.

When your pack expires, you simply buy a new pack and replace the items. Then you are good for another 500 minutes of high quality repairs.

Packs cost £67.50 plus VAT and there are quantity discounts available.

Repairs Per Pack

You will get anywhere from 120 to 500 repairs per pack, depending upon the severity of the scratches.

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In Summary

Good All-rounder

Reliable Build

Great on Blu-ray




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